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Hello if you are interested in attending our driving school then you have come to the right place,  our price is $300

We are open Mondays through Friday 9:30am – 5pm so call now to save your space  410-486-4175

 Programs Express Driving School inc offers

Express Driving School has classroom session every two weeks.The classes are from Monday through Friday for two weeks.

The driver Education Program includes:  30 Hours classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel

We also offer 3 Hours Alcohol and Drug for people who  want to transfer their out of state or out of country to Maryland license. The class is every Saturday from 10 Am to 12Pm.

Driving Improvement Course.

• Refresher practice for the MVA driving skills test: If you are planning to take the test for your provisional driver’s license soon, you can schedule a lesson to brush up on your skills prior to the driving test.

The rates for extra driving lessons are as follows:

1hour               $45.00

2hours              $70.00

3hours               $110.00

4hours               $140.00

5hours               $170.00

6hours               $210.00

8hours               $275.00

10hours              $325.00

Vehicle rental for the MVA test: In case you do not have a small vehicle to use for the driving test, or if your vehicle has, defects that would disqualify it for testing, you can rent a vehicle from Express Driving School for your MVA test. An instructor will even accompany you to the MVA and help you practice just prior to the test.
locations                            prices
Glen Burnie                       $150.00

Westminster                     $150.00

Reisterstown                     $125.00

For other MVA locations com,e to the school for arrangements.


To  practice  for your MVA learners’s permit test click on this link below  http://www.mva.maryland.gov/Driver-Services/Rookie-Driver/tutorial/Tutorial_intro.html

For more information please call 410-486-4175

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